Cuesta Family History

My parents emigrated/fled Cuba in September of 1962 - two weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was no easy task at the time. My mom, dad, and 4-month-old sister left with only the clothes on their backs. The decision to up and leave family, friends, jobs, and possessions was paired with deep fear and uncertainty. But, it was a leap of faith worth taking, as the state of affairs in Cuba was worsening by the day.

My family would travel a rocky road for years to come as they started their new chapter. There were many obstacles and challenges – learning a new language in their twenties, finding a home, work, etc. By the time my brother and I were born, my parents were fluent in English, had good jobs and a nice home in the mill city of Lowell MA - the birthplace of the industrial revolution. My parent’s story is one that I am very proud of. It exemplified risk vs. reward and demonstrated what was possible with hard work and determination. They left everything behind so that my sister, brother, and I could live free with opportunities


Company Overview & Mission

I grew up watching my immigrant grandmother and mother cooking their native Cuban and Spanish food in our kitchen. A few decades later I began working alongside my mom preparing all those delicious dishes from my childhood. Our passion for cooking led to the launch of Cuesta’s Fiestas in 2012 as a premier Cuban and Spanish food Catering company offering a full menu of authentic Cuban and Spanish dishes.  

In May of 2017 Cuesta's Fiestas decided to take to the streets and launched the Empanada Dada food truck. It is based out of Lowell, MA and can be found at local farmer's markets, fairs, festivals around Eastern MA and Southern NH. Our menu showcases a delectable variety of Empanadas, Cuban Sandwiches, that keep customers coming back for more.  

The Empanada Dada food truck can be booked for private and corporate catering and will be sure to leave a lasting impression with your guests.